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The Postclassical Period Essay

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Post-Classical Era Civilizations

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The above map was created using the geographic references from this era in the AP World History curriculum. Unit 3: Post Classical Civilizations CCOT: Analyze continuities and change in the following aspects of Mongolian society from the rise of Genghis Khan to the end of the Mongolian empire and draw the major trade routes of the Post Classical period.

Create a color-coded key for the regions and trade. Example: Analyze changes in trade patterns during the Classical and Post-classical period in the Indian Ocean To write this Change over time essay, you would need to be familiar with the patterns of trade that took place during the two periods.

Postclassical: pursuit of beauty, The Tale of Genji Outpouring of literary works Introduction of Sinified variants of Buddhism Spread of Islam Linked trade centers Spread by sufi mystics Adoption of Chinese writing, Sinification Access to Chinese learning, art, and manufactured goods Importance and influence of Buddhism Classical: Polytheistic.

AP World History. APWorldCourseOverview Course Outline. Semester 1.

The Postclassical Era: WHAP Sparknote Timeline

Unit 1. Chapter 1. Post Classical World Pt. 1 (Chapters 7, 8, 9) Notes Pt. 1. Notes Pt. 2. Europe-Middle Ages Powerpoint. Rise of Islam. Indian Ocean Trade. Post Classical Test Review.

Unit 5: Post Classical () Mongols. West Africa Empires. CONTINUITIES from the Classical Period through the Sui, Tang, & Song Dynasties. Confucianism remained a foundation of government, social structure, and culture (Daoism, too).

Agriculture remained the foundation of the economy. Strong central government continued with a powerful emperor (mandate of heaven) & scholar-bureaucracy (examination system).

Ccot post classical trade
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