Equality in anthem a hero

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Anthem: Parenthetical Referencing and New Energy Equality of pages read: I read about 5 pages per day. Rating of book (): (9) Title: Anthem Author: Ayn Rand Genre: realistic-fiction Setting: (time) (place) A city after the “rebirth” of human kind in the distant future.

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6. Anthem is a heroic and inspiring story about the triumph of the individual’s independent hopebayboatdays.com though, at the end of the novel, Equality is greatly outnumbered, and modern society lies in ruins, it is a story of liberation and hope—not of despair.

Equality 's development as a character throughout Anthem can be seen as a progressive move towards the distinctive way of thinking he discovers and presents in the final chapters of Anthem. In renaming himself Prometheus, Equality shows that he identifies himself with the bringer of light, fire, and progress in Greek mythology.

He considers himself a hero who, like Prometheus, must defy the conventions of his time. Hero's journey of Anthem and Star wars Equality is not able to satisfy his hopebayboatdays.com had been given the job of Street Sweeper when he wanted to be hopebayboatdays.com reason he was a Street Sweeper is because he was a outcast from society.

Equality begins the novella as a benighted, if exceptional, youth, who has only barely realized that he might be different from those around him. He regrets his differences and tries to bring himself into conformity. His relationship with Internationalhis only friend, exemplifies the.

Equality in anthem a hero
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