Nw dance project

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NW Dance Project

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NW Dance Project: Ching Ching Wong’s Farewell Performance

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NW Dance Project - Carmen

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Northwest Dance Project

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Unlike many other visual troupes, NW Dance Project stages only new ideas created by choreographers for the text. NW Realization Project The local world—class dance company abbreviations three ambitious world premieres, and award-winner Thought Nieto shines.

Dance International Magazine noted that NW Dance Project has become “a laboratory, factory, and repository for risk-taking new works from the next generation of.

Dance International Magazine noted that NW Dance Project has become "a laboratory, factory, and repository for risk-taking new works from the next generation of. #dancer #dancers #dance Northwest Dance Project is "one of the hottest dance companies in America" according to Portland Stage Reviews.

NW Dance Projects' 'Carmen' Combines Passion With Humor

See why! | See more ideas about Dance company, Dance project and Dancers. Northwest Dance Project has established itself as a bold and innovative contemporary dance company performing an all-original repertoire from a select roster of accomplished choreographers as well as the most promising new talents in the field of contemporary dance.

NW Dance ProjectPortland, Oregon. Book Online, Read And Write Reviews, View Details, Contact Information And Pictures. Add NW Dance Project To Your Personal List Of Tourist Inspiration. NW Dance Project was founded in Portland in by acclaimed dancer, mentor and choreographer Sarah Slipper.

NW Dance Project is dedicated to the creation and performance of innovative, new contemporary dance works from established and emerging dance makers created in an open and artistically stimulating environment.

Nw dance project
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