Scientific writing phrases

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Heuristics for Scientific Writing (a Machine Learning Perspective)

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I am writing a scientific paper at the moment and need a hint for some formulations I already got some sentences/phrases for my paragraphs: At first our approach was Due to the performance.

Common Mistakes in Scientific Writing Proposal Writing for Graduate Students FISH Parenthetical words or phrases must always be closed with a comma: a common mistake is the failure to Footnotes are very rarely used in scientific writing; avoid them whenever you can.

The English language has always been a promiscuous borrower of words from other languages, and for scientific writing, Latin has been one of the most common sources.

"Hedging" in Scientific Writing.

Scientific method

One meaning of hedge is a protective boundary of dense shrubbery. In writing, hedging is the use of cautious language to make noncommittal or vague statements, that is.

In scientific writing, substance over style is the goal and clarity trumps most other imperatives. The role of a skilled researcher or scientist imposes an equivalent requirement for effective writing matter how sound the science, its value is diminished when.

The Craft of Scientific Writing is designed to help scientists and engineers--both professionals already active in the disciplines as well as students preparing to enter the professions--write about their work clearly and effectively.4/5(3).

Scientific writing phrases
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