Seattle concrete company case study

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PROBLEM. Founded in Stoneway is widely recognized as one of the most innovative concrete companies in the Seattle market. “We look for opportunities to separate ourselves from other companies through technology innovation, the quality of our product, and level of service we offer,” says Greg Mckinnon, Operations Manager.

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See case study One World Trade Center Rising a symbolic 1, feet above the iconic skyline of Manhattan and standing as the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, One World Trade Center is setting a new standard for more resilient, safer and more sustainable urban landscapes.

Case Study 7. Seattle Concrete Company. Seattle Concrete Company (SCC) has been in the business of producing concrete. mix for many years. SCC produces bags of standard concrete premix that consumers typically buy at lumberyards or hardware stores for home improvement projects.

The concrete mix is put into pound bags that are shipped in.


Association Reserves, Inc. is a professional Reserve Study company that is a nationally recognized, leading provider of Reserve Studies for Home Owner Associations. The Design. Acting as a retaining wall between Elliott Bay and the waterfront, the new seawall structure consists of a cast-in-place support slab with custom precast concrete face panels, precast concrete Z-superstructure segments, and precast sidewalk panels.

Seattle concrete company case study
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