Snickers bar market

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Why Snickers is poised to rule the candy world

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All Hail the Snickers Ice Cream Bar, the True King of the Freezer

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Millions of chocolate snacks deemed possibly unsafe in Europe and elsewhere due to plastic found in a Snickers bar. Snickers is well aware that being “hangry” (which means being hungry and angry at the same time) can come in all different forms.

So instead of buying the usual Snickers bar to satisfy that hunger, Snickers is challenging you to evaluate the type of “hangry” that you feel. So appreciate Snickers and appreciate America and Mom's apple pie, cos America is the greatest thing on Earth (well, maybe a Snickers bar is but America is still the grandmommy of everything!

Read more/5(). Snickers has dreamed up one of the cooler online/offline advertising-meets-point-of-sale hybrid campaigns of the year, introducing a "Hungerithm" that gauges the mood of the Internet and adjusts. Feb 18,  · The 13 Most Influential Candy Bars of All Time.

We interviewed candy experts and historians to determine which bars made the biggest impact on the chocolate-bar. Snickers Consumer Insights Who buys Snickers? Snickers consumers are generally very low income, African American, and young adult age. Snickers consumers are more likely to purchase Snickers during larger pantry stocking trips.

Snickers bar market
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Case study: How fame made Snickers' 'You're not you when you're hungry' campaign a success