Stevenson jaques v mclean 1880 5 qbd 346 case brief

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Stevenson, Jacques and Co v McLean (1880) 5 QBD 346

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Hyde v Wrench

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Jacques and Co V McLean []² “Mclean wrote to Stevenson asking if he wanted to buy iron ore at 40S per ton in cash, and the offer was open till Monday. Stevenson asked if the goods were available on credit. Stevenson,jacques & Co v Mclean {) 5 QBD Hyde v Wrench () 3 Beav.

The rule was established by a series of 19th century cases, starting with Adams v Lindsell () as in Stevenson, Jacques & Co v McLean () 5 QBD The implication of this is that it is possible for a letter of acceptance to be posted after a letter of revocation of the offer has been posted but before it is delivered, and acceptance.

Stevenson Jacques Co v McLean (): Enquiry vs counter offer. liuk 8 June, Stevenson Jacques Co v McLean or mode of payment etc. Enquiries as such should not be considered as a counter offer and this is what was held in the case of Stevenson Jaques & Co.

v. McLean (). Stevenson, Jaques & Co v McLean () 5 QBD An enquiry for information does not amount to a rejection of the offer or a counter-offer. Council of the Upper Hunter County District Council v Australian Chilling Freezing Co Ltd () CLR Later, the case of Stevenson v McLean () 5 QBD confirmed other contractual letters (such as the revoking offer) don’t take effect until the letter is delivered [2].

As regards to this rule, we also need to pay attention to the fact that a letter is regarded as “posted” only when it.

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