Tension city

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Sanctuary city movement grows in Canada, but could bring tension with police, immigration officials

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Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates, from Kennedy-Nixon to Obama-McCain

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Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates, from Kennedy-Nixon to Obama-McCain

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The compromise of these were not pears; they were the Regulations-born children of immigrants, mostly born in the more s or the first half of the s. Tension city: inside the Presidential debates, from Kennedy - Nixon to Obama - McCain / Presents an analysis of political debates from the last two decades through the preparations, executions, and mistakes of recent moderators and participants, offering insight into specific high-profile events and decisions.

I'm sure Jim Lehrer's "Tension City" is good in its own right as a book. But, as an unabridged Audio CD read by the author, it's spectacular! Of course, the audio version brings you Lehrer's well-known voice, an easy companion for five hours of listening/5(31).

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Sanctuary city movement grows in Canada, but could bring tension with police, immigration officials.

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Tension city
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