Us multinational companies in cuba

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List of companies of Cuba

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The Nestlé Niche: The Swiss multinational’s secret to thriving in Cuba

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Get started now! Assisted multiple US and international telecommunications companies in connection with the development of a telecommunications interconnection to Cuba, including submarine cable connections, bilateral telecommunications traffic arrangements with Cuba’s incumbent provider, mobile roaming agreements, and satellite connections.

When Cuba nationalized many of the U.S. MNCs in the s era, the general attitude of the people of Cuba towards these corporations was that of distain and disgust. However, after decades of trade embargos and bureaucratic red tape on both sides, the countries are looking into moving forwa.

While the U.S. Treasury and the Commerce Department have made a series of regulatory changes — eliminating certain restrictions on remittances, facilitating trade in the telecommunication and agriculture sectors and allowing some U.S.

Cuba Sees Return of the Multinationals

companies to establish a physical presence on the island — most U.S. firms are still not allowed to invest in. Tyson has been doing business with Cuba sincewhen some restrictions on farm products were lifted.

What can a multinational company do to minimize exposure to political risk?

The frozen chicken sold by the food giant contributes to the $ million worth of farm products the U.S. sells to Cuba every year. Despite the trade and financial restrictions still in place, these companies are already betting big on the tiny island nation.

Us multinational companies in cuba
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The Nestlé Niche: The Swiss multinational's secret to thriving in Cuba - Cuba Trade Magazine